Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wash Basin table reveal

I gave a little sneak peak on this project earlier this week... well i think it was this week :/  This week seems kinda like a blur to me!

Well this was from my great grandma, and possibly my great great grandma.  I will have to get a little more history on it.  I have been wanting to do something fun with it but since it has been in my family i have hesitated on doing anything to it.  Well, i clogged the garbage disposal last week... oops :/  And it took alot of work from several people on getting the pipes all cleaned out.  Note to all those reading, do not poor a crockpot full of roast down the garbage disposal, it doesn't "dispose" so well.  And if you are wondering why i would pour out a crockpot full of meat down the disposal, i tried a new recipe and it was NOT good.  We ate sandwiches that night instead.  But back to the clogged pipes...  one of the pipes in our basement leaked on the top of the cabinet the whole day and i didn't realize it until it was too late.  This is what it looked like.

So i decided that now was the time to make it pretty again!  Here is a view from the front.

It is in really good shape.  It also has a piece with a bar that goes on top where they would have hung the towel.  But i am using that in my daughter's room on top of her dresser.  I sanded it down but kept a some of the darker stain because i wanted it to show through.

I thought it looked pretty good just like this.  But i have been wanting to try to white wash a piece.  So i made my own stain.  You mix 1 cup of water with 3 cups of paint.  But i did add more water to mine because it was going on too thick.

I love the details!  I am planning on changing the hardware but this works for now.

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